Key Differentiators

icon-service    Our in-house, expert optimization team keeps campaigns performing at the best possible levels

icon-service-1     Our proprietary technology and direct relationships make us a service, not a broker or middleman

icon-service-2  Campaign-specific media is purchased on spot buys by expert buyers, increasing campaign success through attention to detail

icon-service-3    Comprehensive targeting allows you to reach your most exact audience with precision and accuracy

icon-service-4     Our efficient pricing model, based on variable CPM structure, allows for CPM to be dynamically adjusted based on how each placement is backing into campaign goals

icon-service-5    We provide solutions and strategies in the implementation of effective marketing campaigns to the right audience to your brand and customers as well as consumers.


  • Display
  • Video

Apocalyspe display inventory is always premium, direct-from-publisher, and, when on desktop, first-through-fifth impression and above the fold. We offer all placements as well as non-standard experiences.

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Desktop                 Table                 Mobile

We offer in-banner video placements as well as pre-, mid-, and post-rolls on premium video content. Apocalypse Video inventory is highly-engaging and drives brand recognition.

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Key Metrics

254678 100k+ Number User Click
789456 1,500,000+ Number of Impression served
2500 25 Number of Campaigns
678 04 Number of Application


We believe creativity is the key to competitiveness factors in the marketing world. With the strong growth of the Internet and today’s technology, the marketing advertising industry has taken a big step forward understanding ever-changing consumer behavior around the world. From shopping in traditional stores, new selection of modern consumer is shopping and learn to expand online information on the internet any time and at any place.


icon-service-17     Brand Consultants

icon-service-17     Brand Positioning

icon-service-17     Digital Design / Website Design

icon-service-17     Graphic design / Logo / POSM

icon-service-17     Development Ideas

icon-service-17     The Content Strategy & Copywriter

icon-service-17     Photography

icon-service-17     Typography

Online Marketing

icon-service-17     Search Engine Optimization SEO

icon-service-17     SEM Ad

icon-service-17     Social Network Advertising

icon-service-17     Content Management

icon-service-17     Google Analytic

icon-service-17     Advertising Multimedia


icon-service-17     Mobile Applications

icon-service-17     Games


icon-service-17     Events

icon-service-17     PR

Viewable Impressions Product

Fraud-Free Solution

APOCALYPSE’s Viewable Impressions product allows advertisers to pay on a model that guarantees eyeballs on their ads. By purchasing Viewable Impressions rather than standard impressions, advertisers cut out risk of wasted spend on unseen ads or fraudulent impressions. APOCALYPSE’s Viewable Impressions boast high engagement and performance, and are combined with our already impressive global reach, direct relationships with publishers, and expert in-house teams who are dedicated to reaching your goals.

Guaranteed Time Slot

Purchase impressions exceeding a set, guaranteed amount of time, tracked by a counter & ending pixel, which allow you to know when your ad is actually in view & being absorbed by the user

Quality Impressions

Only spend on users who actually view your advertisement

Engagement Metrics

Gain insight into user’s time spent engaged with your ad

Fraud-Free Solution

Viewable Impressions allow you to avoid fraud by relying on our technology, which bypasses all bots and scripts, guaranteeing that our inventory is comprised only of real users


The Performance Agency

Freshclick is the full-service Performance Agency of APOCALYPSE. Freshclick is built upon a commitment to excellence and a mutual trust that has been earned through years in the performance marketing industry.The Freshclick team works closely with each client’s business needs and focus on providing the highest converting and highest paying campaigns.

Global Distribution

Global distribution to branded advertisers across email, search, display, mobile, and social

Pay for Performace

Eliminate risk of unnecessary ad spend by paying on a CPA model, or take advantage of our CPM and CPC offerings

Brand Protection

With years of experience, we understand the importance of protecting your brand as an advertiser, and will work closely with you to ensure compliance

Boutique Service

We work one-on-one with each client and individually approve and manage each publisher, so that we understand your business and yield the highest returns

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