Every brand needs creativity and that starts with a strategy. Positioning a brand in an overwhelming sea of noise isn’t easy. It requires talent, insight, and vision.  We offer variety of communication strategies that help secure your brand’s reputation as a leader of engagement, values, and innovation within the digital marketplace.

Online Marketing

There are many reasons your brand needs to advertise; to make yourself known, to establish your identity and to sell. Regardless of your campaigns’ goal, our goal remains the same and that is to achieve top results. That’s why we don’t just buy media, we also buy it smarter, faster, and less of it. We buy advertising using real-time-bidding with cutting optimization techniques to target the right audience. We know where they are, how they behave, and what they like.


Our Digital Coding teams are experts in the online field, aiming to find the right platform for your brand which also adds value to your customers’ experience of the online environment. We help you communicate more effectively with your audience, building a solid trusting relationship by understanding their needs.


Apocalypse looks to put your event or brand in the spotlight. We create a strong plan that positively impacts your sales and marketing goals, a customised digital footprint, an avenue for you to engage directly with your fans. We also specialize in designing, managing and delivering the creative, production and administrative components of a diverse range of events, each tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Big impact, great results.


Our Clients

Latest News

10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Instagram is a juggernaut. Snapchat is a phenomenon, and Kik and Line are basically killing it. What do all these have in common? They represent the latest in mobile and digital communications… The messaging craze has continued to evolve in surprising ways, and in ways marketers can start to take advantage of.

Why Digital Marketing Has Become an Outdated Concept

Today’s consumers make little to no distinction between the digital and the real, the online and the offline. Digital is simply part of our daily lives, from working and shopping to sleeping and eating – even finding…

Why the Magic 8 Ball Still Holds Our Fascination

It was 1950, and for the previous four years, Bookman’s company Alabe Crafts had tried to market the Syco-Seer. Sold as a “miracle home fortune teller,” the toy was a cylinder filled with dark liquid containing a pair of… floating dice, their surfaces scribed with fateful predictions. Users would ask a question, shake up the Syco-Seer and then wait for the device to give them the answer. Only there weren’t many users, and Alabe’s nesting the cylinder inside a crystal ball in 1948 hadn’t helped.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Star Talks About Her Show's Controversial Ads

Some of the outdoor ads for Girlfriends’ Guide, showing you giving the finger with the tagline “Go Find Yourself,” were banned for being “inappropriate.” Did that surprise you, especially considering some of the… racier ads that do appear in public?

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